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Heads Up indicator included with monthly subscription.
Heads Up wearable safety indicator can be worn with any pair of saftey glasses

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Integrated Sensing Technology
Heads Up industrial IoT wearable safety indicator provides hazardous environment notifications

The Heads Up indicator notifies operators with color coded light patters when approaching hazardous environments.

Site operators are visually reminded to use hearing protection

Heads Up teams are trained to respond to color coded notifications by applying protective equipment.

Heads Up Safe provides real-time industrial hygiene analytics to decision makers

Protect your team members in real-time with geolocated industrial hygienic data.

LED brightness enhanced for demonstration video.

Two-Way Communication
Operators can reply instantly within the app

Initiate a call or text from within the Heads Up Safe app, and ensure that operators receive the incoming notification from their crew.

Construction industry

Heads Up teams are trained to respond to BLUE light notifications once it is safe to do so.

Foreman, operators, executives; everyone is in the loop

Heads Up creates an instant communication loop between the field, trailers, and HQ.

Actual user experience.

Emergency Notifications
The Heads Up industrial IoT wearable safety indicator makes emergency evacuations simple

Heads Up teams are trained to execute evacuation procedures when receiving a RED light notification.

Locate site-operators and foreman in danger with real-time GPS

Locate team members with GPS during evacuations.

Use Heads Up Safe to check-in safely after emergency evacautions

Communicate safely with everyone on-site from the Heads Up mobile and web applications.

Actual user experience.

Keep your teams safe.

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